Global climate crisis.

Together, we can overcome the climate crisis and make every neighborhood a healthy neighborhood. 

At the core of our environmental policy platform is the recognition that we are in the midst of a global climate crisis and the belief that every person deserves to live in a clean and healthy neighborhood with access to nature and open spaces.

There is no time to wait. With local action and global thinking, our Clean and Healthy Neighborhoods Plan will guarantee the children of today and tomorrow will grow up in the environment they deserve.


Take Bold
Climate Action

Implement the community-inspired San Diego Green New Deal.


Create a greener
San Diego

More parks and green space 

More trees

Green infrastructure


Develop safer

Develop Safer Streets & a World-Class Mobility System.

Invest in infrastructure

Create complete streets that are safe for everyone from children to seniors

Champion regional investment in public transportation

Invest in Opportunity for All.

Together, we can transform America’s Finest City for some into a world-class city for all. Sean is taking $0 from corporations and is relying on the grassroots to fuel his campaign. Choose an amount to quick donate: