A better public safety system.

Everyone has a right to feel safe.

A community cannot thrive without safety and justice. Unfortunately, both have eluded the grasp of many in our community — especially our Black neighbors. This historic moment is San Diego’s opportunity to create a better public safety system and commit itself to the notion of equal justice under the law. Key in doing so is recognizing that the responsibility to be the sole source of safety should have never been placed on police.

Safety is a societal responsibility that must be approached holistically. Additionally, we know justice can only be achieved when the rules apply to everyone. For too long, San Diego’s powerful and wealthy have enjoyed a different set of rules from the rest of us. That needs to stop. Now. As your Council Member, Sean will fight to:


Eliminate racial

Eliminate racial disparities resulting from systemic and institutional racism.


Invest in
community based

Invest in community-based responses to problems that should have never been the responsibility of police, such as mental health emergencies and homelessness.


Offer support

Provide justice and support to survivors/victims of crime with resources, programs, and services.


End the

End the school-to-prison pipeline by providing support, resources, and age-appropriate accountability for young people.


Ensure accountability
and transparency

Ensure law enforcement accountability and transparency through full implementation of the new independent Commission on Police Practices.


Enact strong

Pass strong anti corruption policies that hold those in power accountable for violating the public trust.


Public financing
of elections

Empower the community with public financing of elections that encourages candidates to talk with residents rather than chasing down support from special interests.

Invest in Opportunity for All.

Together, we can transform America’s Finest City for some into a world-class city for all. Sean is taking $0 from corporations and is relying on the grassroots to fuel his campaign. Choose an amount to quick donate: