It is time to make good on the promises our nation was founded on.

As with everywhere in America, San Diego is long overdue in its debt to the Black community, Indigenous People, and communities of color. To get to a better future, we must acknowledge the truth about the past and present. Sacred lands have been stolen, racist housing policies still very much impact San Diegans, longstanding inequities in business opportunities continue to stifle economic equality, and immigrants and refugees are disenfranchised and under supported. Sadly, the list goes on.

Achieving our highest hopes as a city will require us to move past talk and into action. The work will be difficult, but the result will be a future we can all be proud of.

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Together, we can come out of this public health crisis stronger than ever before.

The world has changed in unimaginable ways since the disastrous arrival of COVID-19.

We are awash in a mix of uncertainty and concern as each day seems to deliver a new understanding of the many effects of the virus. There are the little things like not being able to see family and friends. And then there are the much more serious and frightening realities of losing a job or having loved ones contract the virus.

Above all, COVID-19 is a health disaster that has tragically ripped thousands of people from family and friends, and continues to inflict pain on hundreds of thousands more.

COVID-19 has been devastating to small businesses and small nonprofits, too. The impacted businesses and organizations are not just sources of revenue; they are often the realization of big dreams and the product of incredibly hard work.

For many, those dreams are being jeopardized by the tsunami-like ripple effect of this public health crisis. This is especially true for newer businesses that were just getting off the ground right before the outbreak.

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Together, we can end homelessness and makes homes affordable for all.

In the midst of a housing crisis, residents throughout San Diego’s District 9 are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. This issue is personal to Sean, as he’s experienced homelessness firsthand as a student, then when his family was displaced from a small studio when their rent doubled.

Sean’s “Housing For All” plan will make homes more affordable, provide tenants stability, ban discriminatory practices, and end homelessness.As your City Councilmember, Sean will fight to:

Enforce tenants’ rights and protections under AB 1482

Ensure all tenants have legal representation available to them in tenancy related court action 

Increase the supply of affordable homes and leave no one out

Advocate for more affordable homes in District 9 that can accommodate large, multigenerational families

End ban on affordable homes that perpetuate poverty and segregation 

Provide supportive housing for our neighbors experiencing homelessness through the “Homes for San Diegans” measure

Leverage federal funding to presence and acquire existing affordable homes

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Everyone has a right to feel safe. 

A community cannot thrive without safety and justice. Unfortunately, both have eluded the grasp of many in our community – especially our Black neighbors. This historic moment is San Diego’s opportunity to create a better public safety system and commit itself to the notion of equal justice under the law.

Key in doing so is recognizing that the responsibility to be the sole source of safety should have never been placed on police. Safety is a societal responsibility that must be approached holistically.

Additionally, we know justice can only be achieved when the rules apply to everyone. For too long, San Diego’s powerful and wealthy have enjoyed a different set of rules from the rest of us. That needs to stop.

As your Councilman, Sean will fight to:

Eliminate racial disparities resulting from systemic and institutional racism.

Invest in community based responses to problems that should have never been the responsibility of police (such as mental health emergencies and homelessness).

Provide justice and support to survivors/victims of crime with resources, programs and services.

End the school-to-prison pipeline by providing support, resources, and age-appropriate accountability for young people.

Ensure law enforcement accountability and transparency through full implementation of the new independent Commission on Police Practices.

Pass strong anti-corruption policies that hold those in power accountable for violating public trust.

Empower the community with public financing of elections that encourages candidates to talk with residents rather than chasing down support from special interests.

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Together, we can grow an environment we all deserve. 

At the core of our environmental policy platform is the recognition that we are in the midst of a global climate crisis and the belief that every person deserves to live in a clean and healthy neighborhood with access to nature and open spaces.

There is no time to wait. With local action and global thinking, our Clean and Healthy Neighborhoods Plan will guarantee the children of today and tomorrow will grow up in the environment they deserve.

Our plan consists of 3 key elements:

Take Bold Climate Action – Implement the community inspired San Diego Green New Deal.

Create a Greener San Diego – More parks and green space, more trees and green infrastructure.

Develop Safer Streets and a World-Class Mobility System – Invest in infrastructure, create complete streets that are safe for everyone, from children to seniors, and champion regional investment in public transportation.

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Every person in every neighborhood has a right to a quality education and economic dignity.

For too long, the City of San Diego has failed to prioritize young people. Rather than look for ways to support schools and give every young person a quality foundation, the City has looked the other way. It is time for San Diego to own its responsibility to its children, youth, and families.

Over the past twenty years, Sean has worked with young people to help them reach their potential. First as a coach, then as a teacher, then an organizer and advocate, and now as an elected leader. In each and every role, Sean has seen the same thing — the potential of young people is limitless if their community invests in their success.

We also know that the ability of a young person to reach their full potential is directly linked to the economic stability of their family. Poverty has a devastating impact on child and youth development and parents who are forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet have less time to spend with their children.

In addition to workers’ rights being an issue that impacts children and youth, justice demands that all workers be treated with dignity and that their rights are honored. Finally, San Diegans in all communities, especially those that have been historically cutoff from support, should have an opportunity to start a business and pursue their dreams.

As a City Council Member, Sean will fight to:

Create an Office for Child and Youth success that coordinates, convenes, and centers the equitable prioritization of young people.

Convene an annual joint public meeting of the San Diego City Council, San Diego Unified School District, and the San Diego Community College District to discuss and take action on ways to strengthen the partnership between the City and public schools.

Ensure the city partners with SDUSD in bringing the Community Schools model to San Diego.

Increased support for before and after-school programs.

Provide universal access to affordable high quality preschool and childcare.

Invest in and enforce worker protections.

Support the creation of worker-owned cooperatives and other collaborative models to empower workers and build generational wealth.

Invest in multilingual support for small businesses and no-interest loans that will open the doors of opportunity to people of all faiths and backgrounds.

A note from Sean.


I believe San
Diego has
everything we
need to be a truly
world class city.

A beautiful landscape, perfect weather, and proximity to the border are just the beginning. Our greatest treasure is you — our people.

“Opportunity for All” is all about tapping into our potential as a city by providing every person the chance to reach their potential as individuals. Providing that opportunity to everyone is the North Star we will pursue everyday we are serving you in office.

Our policy platform was built by having thousands of conversations with community members just like you so we can understand your needs, hopes, and ideas. From there, a team of experts helped me research the best solutions from around the world and customize them to meet San Diego’s unique needs. Each proposal was then filtered through a lens with a special focus on pursuing equity by acknowledging and making amends for the injustices of the past as we create the future we all want and deserve.

I am clear eyed in seeing the enormous challenges facing our city. A housing crisis and climate change were huge threats before COVID-19 struck our economy with a vengeance. Generations of racism and an unending string of unjust killings have many in our community demanding change and unwilling to wait any longer. The next couple of years will not be easy. However, I am undeterred.

I ran for City Council because I love this community and believe we can overcome all of our challenges in such a way that will transform America’s Finest City for some into a world-class city for all.

I welcome your feedback and am honored to have earned District 9’s support.

With gratitude,

Invest in Opportunity for All.

Together, we can transform America’s Finest City for some into a world-class city for all. Sean is taking $0 from corporations and is relying on the grassroots to fuel his campaign. Choose an amount to quick donate: